Vitamix E310 vs E320

Vitamix E310 Vs E320
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Vitamix is ​​a family-owned company founded in 1921. Its founder was a pioneer in the natural food sector. He immediately sensed the value of mixing, for the creation of healthy meals, when he was presented with a new product: the blender.

Thanks to the commitment and knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, this company is now known as one of the producers of the best blenders on the market today.

The brand has generated many blenders, the ones we are going to compare on our guide today are the Vitamix E310 vs E320.

These blenders are part of the Explorian Vitamix series. Explorian is a simple product, but don’t be fooled, its performance is up to all the other products of this brand.

If you are undecided between which of these two models may be the most suitable for you, in these guides we will solve all your doubts. We will analyze these two blenders and highlight their features so that you can have all the information you need to make the right choice.

Vitamix E310 Review

Vitamix E310

The first model we analyze is the Vitamix E310. The blender container has a size of 48 oz. Its size is ideal for cooking meals for two, or small family meals. The physical dimensions are not bulky and take up little space in the kitchen, both in case you want to leave it on the countertop and if you want to put it in your kitchen cabinet.

The blender has two main functions: variable speed and pulse. You have 10 variable speeds to choose from in order to work all the ingredients you need to use and get the texture you want. Forget the annoying lumps in your smoothies and soups.

Pulse mode creates fast explosions of power and pulverizes even the toughest ingredients like ice.

Blades are designed in laser-cut stainless steel. In this way, they are efficient in cutting from the first to the last use. Resistant to opacification and bending.

The blades reach a speed that allows you to prepare a steamed soup without using the stove. The friction of the blades brings the soup to temperature in less than 10 minutes, right in the container.

The blender is capable of self-cleaning, without needing to disassemble it. Put two glasses of hot water and a drop of dish soap and you’re done. The blender will be ready for a new use in 30/60 seconds.

Vitamix E320 Review

Vitamix E320

With Vitamix E320 you can discover how easy it is to prepare healthy meals at home without sacrificing taste.

The blender comes with a 64 oz. container. This makes it ideal for preparing dishes and snacks for the whole family. It won’t make you look bad if you want to entertain your friends with a tasty and healthy snack.

The blender will help you to create different consistencies, based on your tastes or the type of dish you want to prepare. This is thanks to its 10 variable speeds. With the Pulse button, you will be able to create stronger recipes, such as thicker vegetable soups or thick sauces.

The blender has at its base a powerful 2.2 HP motor that allows you to use the most difficult ingredients for your dishes, obtaining soft blends.

This model is equipped with a self-cleaning function. With the same modalities that we have seen for the previous model, the blender will be cleaned in 30/60 seconds.

Vitamix E310 vs E320: Similarities

These two models have some characteristics in common which are important to take a look to get a clear picture of the situation.


Both the Vitamix E310 and the Vitamix E320 fall into the G generation category, i.e. New Generation. All models that fall into this class of Vitamix blenders have been designed with powerful motors and elegant design. Without leaving out the functionality and convenience of the machine.

Vitamix containers are equipped with corners that allow you to create a controlled and unique vortex inside them. This movement pushes your ingredients systematically towards the blades and allows you to get smoother and faster mixing.

The blades are built with antioxidant steel able to manage even the most difficult ingredients, such as ice and frozen fruit/vegetables. Also, the strength of this material will allow you to get excellent performance even after several uses.

Functions: Selectable Speed And Propulsion

The company’s goal is to allow its users to get creamy fruit and vegetable smoothies. These new generation blenders have been designed for this and are successful.

You have maximum control in your hands on the final result thanks to the 10 selectable speeds and the pulse function that facilitate your work with any type of ingredient.

Self-Cleaning Function

Both models have a self-cleaning function which makes washing quick and stress-free. In a few seconds, the blender is clean and ready for the next use.

Cooling System

To prevent the blender from overheating during use, these Vitamix models come with a cooling fan system and thermal sensors that automatically turn off the blender in case of malfunction. You will have to wait 20 minutes before you can reuse it.


Both models are quite noisy due to the power of the engine. We don’t consider it a problem as all high-end blenders capable of reaching high speeds produce some noise.

Vitamix E310 vs E320: Differences

Now that you have seen the characteristics in common, take a look at the differences between these two blenders in order to choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Jar Size

The first difference that catches the eye is the size of the jar.

Vitamix E310 comes with a 48 oz jar. It is a fairly modest size which makes it perfect for preparing meals and snacks for one person, maximum 2.

Its small size, however, has an advantage. The ability to store it comfortably in the pantry, even if you don’t have a big kitchen.

Vitamix E320 comes with a larger 64 oz container. This is why it is best suited for preparing meals for the family. We advise you to fill it all up during use to get the best results.


The E310 is designed with 3 inches, sharp and durable blades. Suitable for mincing any type of food. Being larger, the E320 requires larger blades that in this case reach 4 inches. 


From the engine power point of view, we find small differences. The Vitamix E310 reaches a maximum peak of 2 Hp while the Vitamix E320 is able to reach 2.2 Hp.

This difference is justified by the fact that the second model requires greater force to be able to turn larger blades correctly.

Either way, this little difference in power doesn’t spill over to blender performance, both of which are great.


There is certainly a small price difference between the two models. As in everything, a more performing model always has a higher price than another. The Vitamix E320 is slightly more expensive than the Vitamix E310 for this very reason. This is not an excessive difference as both blenders are of a high standard.

We want to emphasize that it is possible to get this same product with a more accessible price if you take into consideration refurbished models.


The company takes care of its customers and provides a guarantee for all its products. The E310 model comes with a 5-year warranty, while the Vitamix E320 comes with a longer warranty of 7 years.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, these are two high-level blenders belonging to the same Vitamix series, namely the Explorian. 

In terms of performance, they are practically almost equivalent and able to guarantee a perfect final result by working even the most difficult ingredients such as frozen ones or the ice itself. Without forgetting the possibility of being able to prepare hot soups thanks to friction and heating. 

The Vitamix E320 is slightly more powerful and has a greater capacity which in our opinion makes it suitable for meeting the needs of a family. On the other hand, the Vitamix E310 has smaller dimensions and is perfect for meeting the needs of one person or at most two. In addition, it is perfect if you don’t have a very large kitchen and you need to optimize the spaces.

In a nutshell, the final choice depends on the space you have available, the budget and the number of people you intend to serve. However, we are sure that these models will be able to meet your expectations.


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