Foods Starting With X: A Curious List

Xiaolongbao, a food starting with x

If for any reason you are asked to make a list of foods starting with X, trust us that you would have a lot of difficulties. Even if you search the dictionary you will find it very difficult to find generic words that start with the letter X like Xylophone, you can imagine how difficult it is to find foods.

Fortunately for you, we first came across this arduous task and below you will find a list of foods that begin with this letter. 

Let’s start with the image we chose for this post where you can observe Xiaolongbao that is a type of Chinese steamed bun. You can consider this the first one of our list.

Having said that, continue reading and find out what else we found around.


Xigua is a type of melon that comes from Africa. Its interior is pink and very juicy while the rind is hard and resistant and is usually yellowish and green in color.

Being a fairly difficult word to pronounce we refer to this fruit with the word watermelon which is much easier to spell


Now let’s move on to a very complex type of curry prepared in Goa, India, the Xacuti. This mixture is characterized by complex spices, such as white poppy seeds, grated coconut, and dried red chilies. In the Indian tradition, it is used to spice chicken or lamb dishes.


The Xoubas are small sardines widely used in typical Galician dishes during the summer period. They are roasted on an iron plate over the embers and can be prepared if you have a fireplace available or you can light a small wood fire in the garden.


The next food that starts with the letter X on our list will make your mouth water.

The word chocolate derives from the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations in Central America that used roasted cocoa beans to prepare a drink called Xocolatl. 

In practice, we are talking about the ancestor of our current hot chocolate.


We move to Yucatan to find one of the most used sauces in this Mexican state, the Xnipec.

This sauce is an alternative to traditional tomato sauces and it is perfect to emphasize the flavor of the crunchy tortilla chips.


Xoi is a sweet or savory Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice and in most cases served as a dessert. In some mountainous areas of Vietnam, however, people eat it as a main course.


We are talking about another type of fruit belonging to the prickly pear species commonly found in central Mexico.

This fruit is pear-shaped and actually looks a lot like us. It has a pale green rind that will turn partly pink when ripe. The Xoconostle like its close relative the prickly pear is covered with small spines that are removed before it can be eaten. 

It is not present throughout the year but can be found in late summer and autumn months.

Xampinyons En Salsa

We are talking about a typical dish to be enjoyed in Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain. It is a recipe with mushrooms, tomato sauce, and sherry.

Xinomavro (or Xynomavro) 

Xinomavro is a type of dark-skinned grape widely used in northern Greece and lesser in the Macedonian Republic.

If you find yourself in front of Greek wine, it is very likely that you are enjoying this highly appreciated variety. The tannin and the high acidity that characterize it make it one of the greatest red wines in the Mediterranean.

Xavier Soup

It is a classic Italian soup consisting of parmesan gnocchi served with chicken broth spiced with various fresh herbs.

Ximenia Americana

Commonly known as tallow-wood, yellow plum and sea lemon is a small tree native to the tropics. The delicious lemon yellow or orange-red fruits that come from these trees and the botanical name is Ximenia Americana

Xingren Doufu

For the next food that begins with the letter x, we move back to China where we find the Xingren Doufu. It is a very popular dessert in China based on almond or apricot milk, with a slight addition of sugar and subsequently thickened with agar or jelly.


Xidoufen is a very popular Chinese soup in the province of Yunnan and is based on boiled pea meal and flavorings including minced garlic, ginger, coriander, spring onion, and other spices. It is often eaten with deep-fried youtiao or Chinese Bing ( a wheat flour-based food with a disk-like shape).


Xylitol is a sugar with a sweetening power very similar to that of sucrose, but with lower calorie content. It is mainly extracted from birches, but also from some types of fruit such as strawberries.

We know it above all because it is widely used for the production of chewing gum.


As said at the beginning, it was not at all easy to find names of ingredients or foods starting with x. You have to travel all over the world to find some of them and it’s not at all simple.

With this post, we hope to have satisfied your curiosity and if our content has been useful you can share it with friends and family. in this way, they will be grateful to you for finding something really curious on the net and you will help us keep the lights on here at


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