The Best Turkey Fryers Of 2020

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Is Thanksgiving, the Superbowl or the party you have been thinking about for a long time in the garden approaching? Do you need advice on the best turkey fryer to buy? Well, this one is fantastic: Masterbuilt Butterball Extra large Electric Fryer.

Cooking a turkey that is tasty and pleases all your guests we know it is not an easy task. We are reminded of the usual questions such as “Is it cooked to the right point? Does it get stuck in the mouth because it is too dry? Will my mother like it? and so on”.

Fortunately, the best turkey fryers come to our rescue. A good model can transform an important meal such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Barbecue weekend or the long day of the Superbowl into something memorable.

Today there are different models on the market and you can even find some for internal use. In this article, we will analyze some turkey fryers ideal for reducing the fat of your favorite recipe.

You will find a guide to help you in choosing the model that best suits your needs. Finally, feel free to take a look at our accurate list of the best models of fryers.

How To Choose The Right Turkey Fryer: Buying Guide

Choosing the best turkey fryer may seem easy but we can assure you it is not. There are aspects that people don’t take into consideration and end up buying something that disappoints expectations.

Below we explain what are the basic features you need to check before investing in the purchase of your next turkey fryer.


The first feature to check is the type of model you want to buy because based on this your choice may change in a second. Basically there are 4 different types of turkey fryers.

Propane turkey fryers are very similar to outdoor grills. These are usually among the heaviest models due to the various metal parts that make them up. Operation is linked to an external propane tank that is connected to the fryer and to a burner which is used to start the flame. The other element that makes up the fryer is a large oil tank that will be heated up to the perfect temperature for use.
If you want to buy a propane fryer you must keep in mind that these models can only be used outdoors. We do not mean a simple balcony but an open space away from dry grass and other objects that can catch fire.

The oilless turkey fryers are like the previous ones, at least appearance and function. They are connected to a propane tank but do not use a large amount of oil for cooking, usually just a brush on the meat you want to prepare ( or nothing at all ). They work similarly to air fryers which are based on the circulation of hot air. It certainly takes longer than a typical oil fryer but it is undoubtedly a healthier option than the previous one. Furthermore, the absence of oil simplifies maintenance and cleaning at the end of use. As propane is the power source, also these models are only used outdoors.

Electric turkey fryers are very like the classic deep fat fryer and can be used indoors. From a technological point of view, they are easier to use and safer. In fact, there are models that have the automatic switch-off function to avoid burning the oil. This little ally can weigh down the electricity bill if you are a person who forgets to turn things off.


BTU is an acronym for British thermal unit and is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by a Fahrenheit degree. However, the higher this value, the more powerful the model you are about to buy. With greater power, the heating times of the oil and so also the cooking time of the turkey are shortened. Higher power means more control.

Fryer Capacity

Based on the size of the turkey you usually cook, always remember to take a look at the capacity of the model you are choosing.

Usually, the manufacturer of a model enters the value of the maximum capacity either in pounds, referred to the turkey, or in quarters.

Besides the size that your turkey fryer can hold, keep in mind that greater capacity means more use of oil. You won’t want to choose a model that costs you more in oil than anything else.


Some people believe that safety devices are annoying because they need continuous monitoring.

Actually being with your eyes open and preparing the turkey with the utmost attention is vital especially in the presence of propane.

It is always better to check if the model you want to buy has some safety features or lock. It seems trivial but during the Superbowl, it is very easy to get distracted and leave the fryer unattended.

It is wise to consider the presence of certain safety features. Thermometers, tools suitable for raising the turkey, windproof protections and sturdy supports that guarantee stability to the fryer and prevent it from tipping over. These are all a good start.

Features And Accessories

Most turkey fryers are equipped with fry baskets and a hook to easily manage the turkey. Even the thermometer to ensure correct cooking is always convenient.

In addition, some models also have steel injectors so that the turkey can be stuffed before cooking.

Besides the accessories for cooking, check if there are drain valves that will assist you in cleaning. These allow you to drain easily the used oil.

If you have in mind an electric turkey fryer, take a look at the functions that are present. The most comfortable is the presence of a timer that assists you during cooking and does not let you burn the turkey. Another useful function is the automatic shutdown which increases safety and makes you save some money on your bill.

Weight And Dimensions

Finally, we advise you to take a look at the actual physical dimensions and the total weight of the turkey fryer you are interested in. Consider where you will use it and if there are ergonomic handles that simplify the movement and storing operations.

Best Turkey Fryer: Top Reviews

Now that you have more knowledge about the characteristics and operation of a turkey fryer, you are wondering which is the best on the market.

Don’t worry though! We have analyzed several models and created a list of the best turkey fryers to save you time and effort. Feel free to take a look at each model, its description and the pros and cons that we have encountered.

Bayou Classic 44-Qt Turkey Fryer Kit

Bayou is a well-known name in the world of outdoor cooking and we think this particular model, the Bayou Classic 44-Qt is one of the best turkey fryers that can be found around.

This turkey fryer is perfect if you plan to cook a large turkey for large families or for parties. This model is the biggest pot made by Bayou Classic to fry the perfect bird. It is able to accommodate an entire turkey that weighs even more than 25 pounds. On the market, it is not easy to find fryers that can manage these dimensions.

Bayou has well thought about stability and has paid special attention to design. Everything about this kit is solid, well built and ensures maximum stability even with the heaviest turkeys. The 44 Qt stockpot is made of stainless steel with welded lid and handles. 

It is not only the construction materials that are excellent but also the simplicity in assembling the whole kit. The stainless cooker frame with single bolt leg attachment makes the assembling a breeze even if it’s the first time you assemble it.

All the accessories you need are incorporated in the package. It comes with an injector great for adding seasonings to your turkey before and during cooking. You can use the poultry holder and lifting hook patented by the company to be able to handle the turkey safely. Finally, there is a thermometer to check the oil temperature and avoid nasty surprises.

The versatility of this model is another plus point that convinced us to put it on our list of the best fryers. In fact, Its generous capacity is perfect for malt extract homebrew, preserving, and canning. 


– 44 Qt for up to a turkey of 25 pounds

– Great stability and design

– Stainless steel stockpot

– Easy to assemble

– Cast aluminum burner

– Great versatility for your chef skills 

– All accessories incorporated


– 15-minute safety shutdown timer may be short

Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

We introduce the first model of our selection to be purely electric. let’s talk about the Cuisinart CDF-500, a real multitasking fryer capable of frying an entire turkey in an hour using less oil than a traditional fryer.

Versatility is undoubtedly one of the strong points that convinced us to insert it in our ranking of the best turkey fryers. In addition to being suitable for preparing lunch on Thanksgiving, you can prepare large portions of appetizers, side dishes and much more effortlessly.

If you want to move towards a healthier kitchen you can take advantage of steam cooking and prepare vegetables, dumplings, prawns and anything you want in a healthier way.

This turkey fryer can be used indoors and lets you prepare your own recipes for family and friends in the dining room in case you prefer it. You don’t even risk having a small appliance that clashes in your kitchen as the construction material is stainless steel and its neutral color is suitable for practically all modern and traditional kitchens.

Cuisinart has well thought about the convenience of using this fryer by designing a very simple and intuitive control interface. Once on, in fact, with only two knobs you just select the temperature level you prefer and set a timer that sounds at the end of cooking to avoid burning the turkey.

The large stainless steel basket is able to accommodate a 14 lbs turkey and the ergonomic cool-touch handles avoid unpleasant burns during handling operations. 

Not using much oil makes cleaning much faster and without any mess. At the end of use, simply clean the basket, detach the lid and clean it and in practice, you have done most of the work. Obviously you have to wait a little while before draining the oil and cleaning the fryer inside. 


– Multitasking fryer that can also steam

– Easy to use, the control panel has just 2 knobs

– Stainless steel material last long

– Ergonomic cool-touch handles avoid burns during handling

– Not using much oil

– Easy to clean


– The power cord is magnetic and could drop easily

Chard 30 Quart Aluminum Turkey Fryer 

Chard is a company founded in 2009 that wants to provide its customers with quality products ranging from meat cooking to outdoor cooking. The model we have included in our list is the 30 Qt Outdoor Cooker Kit which provides you with everything you need to start your outdoor cooking experience and become expert over time.

This turkey fryer is built with aluminum, steel, and cast iron components to make the product stable and resistant. The durable and large capacity aluminum pot can accommodate up to an 18 lbs bird. The easy-grip handles make the grip stable and facilitate movement even when it is full of oil.

Coming to the features, these include a 3-leg steel base with adjustable flat stabilizers to ensure comfort and stability. The 50,000 BTUs cast iron burner is very powerful and guarantees rapid oil heating and short recovery times. In addition to this, there is also an excellent safety design and in fact, the CSA approved regulator with automatic switch-off timer guarantees control and safety.

Rounding out the package are the Poultry Rack, Safety Hanger, and 12 Inch Thermometer. The basic components to best manage the turkey and check that the oil temperature is always perfect.

A final observation must be made on the pot which is actually suitable not only for frying but can also be used for boiling, steaming or preparing home-brewed beer. This makes the whole kit very versatile and you can adapt it according to your seasonal needs.

If you find yourself in the position of having to feed a decent crowd quickly, then this could be the best turkey fryer for you.


– 50,000 BTUs for rapid oil heating

– Poultry Rack, Safety Hanger, and 12 Inch Thermometer

– 30 Qt pot great for up to 18 lbs turkey

– Built with aluminum, steel, and cast iron for last

– Easy to assemble

– CSA approved regulator with automatic switch-off timer


– The regulator is quite sensitive

Masterbuilt Butterball Extra large Electric Fryer

Masterbuilt is a well-known company in the electric fryer sector and its history began in 1973. Since its foundation, the company has always been concerned with providing the highest quality to its customers. The model that we have included in our list of the best turkey fryers meets all expectations.

Masterbuilt’s Butterball XL electric fryer has been designed to optimize the use of oil up to 1/3 less oil than traditional fryers. The extra-large basket that characterizes it allows you to fry a turkey with a maximum weight of 20 lbs. It is not limited to this but allows you to steam vegetables or cook all the potatoes you want.

The big advantage is that you never have to leave the comfort of your kitchen and continue with all the necessary side dishes to enjoy Thanksgiving or the Superbowl show. The ventilation system is very powerful and takes care of making the fryer work perfectly. Maybe if you want to avoid that the house smells like a turkey fry try to use it near a window or some extractor fan like that of the typical kitchen hood.

The maximum capacity of the fryer is 10 liters and its 1,650-watt heating element ensures that the oil heats up quickly. The built-in drain valve greatly simplifies cleaning at the end of use. The components ( pot, basket, lid, drain valve ) are dishwasher safe, so no hand cleaning hassle.

The use is really very simple. All you have to do is to select the temperature to use by the single management knob on the front. There is no way you can ruin a turkey using this. However, we are talking about a turkey fryer designed and tested to meet commercial standards.


– Chrome-wire basket with patented drain clips

– Easy cleanup

– Dishwasher safe components

– It meets commercial standards

– Fry using oil or boil/steam with water

– The 1,650-watt heating element heats up quickly

– Powerful ventilation system for better performance


– The power cord is a little bit short

Backyard Pro Deluxe 30 Qt Aluminum Turkey Fryer

The next model to be part of our selection for the best turkey fryers is the 30Qt deluxe backyard. The first consideration to make on this fryer is its weight and ease of assembly. When you get home and open it, it almost seems like a few pieces are missing but instead there is everything you need that works great. 

It is simply that aluminum weighs much less than steel. This model is perfect for you if you do not like moving heavy objects both for the sake of possibilities and preferences. The components included in the kit are mostly aluminum,  except for the Gas stove burner with stand in cast-iron. The stand is heavier but easy to assemble by following a few simple instructions.

The kit includes everything you need to prepare a spectacular turkey outdoors and with the greatest comfort. It comes with a turkey hook, a filling syringe and a thermometer that measures above 550 degrees Fahrenheit to help you reach the desired oil temperature.

To this is added one frying pan and a basket always made of aluminum with heat resistant handles. They are wide and allow you to follow the cooking of the turkey to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The aluminum pan is perfect for steaming and you can use it for your fish dishes like clams, lobster and whatever you have in mind. A versatile kit like this lets you expand your menu well beyond fried foods to satisfy a wider sweet tooth base.


– Light and easy to assemble

– Many accessories

– Gas stove burner with stand in cast iron

– Great versatility for various recipes

– Fry pan and basket with heat resistant handle for greater security

– 55000 BTUs for quick results


– The pot is a bit thin and must be handled carefully

Char-Broil Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil has been one of America’s favorite grill brands since 1948. Yet, aware of the quality that its customers are looking for, it continues its research to improve all its products. The model of this company that we have selected from the best turkey fryers on the market is the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Fryer.

This oil-free fryer lets you fry the turkey without using boiling oil and having to dispose of it later. It is a delicious and safer alternative to using oil and uses infrared heat to cook turkey as quickly as an oil fryer.

This cooking method ensures that the meat is always cooked evenly inside a double-walled cylindrical cooking chamber. The heat, in this case, is created by an external propane burner. The advantage of using this fryer lies in the absence of commonly known heating times when using the oil. The cooking basket has a large capacity and is able to accommodate a whole 16-pound turkey. The heating power of 16000 BTUs reached internally can cook the turkey in just 8-10 per pound.

Using the Big Easy is really very simple. The entire control interface consists of only two knobs, one to light it and one to adjust the burner. The Big Easy also includes a removable drip tray located under the heating chamber which preserves for you the tasty drippings that you can use later in your homemade gravy.

Cleaning this fryer is simple and does not require much time, both because it does not use oil and because of the presence of the removable drip tray. Forget the nightmare of splashes or juice stains on the base of the fryer.

The Big Easy also includes most of the accessories needed to get started. You will receive a cooking basket with a lifter, a meat thermometer, a lid, and a cooking guide to start as soon as you can.


– Oil-less Turkey Fryer offers a healthier way to cook

– Infrared cooking technology delivering juicy results

– Easy to use

– Many accessories ready to use

– Versatile for cooking poultry, fish, pork, beef and so on

– Removable tray for easy cleaning and more


– A little slow in cooking

Stark Deluxe 30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer

The next ideal deep fryer for you and your family in preparing turkey outdoors up to seafood is the Stark Deluxe 30 QT.  The basket supplied with this kit allows you to use it twice to enlarge the menu you have in mind for Thanksgiving. Using the basket it is easy to fry chicken, turkey, steamed seafood, clams, and vegetables. Without using the basket, however, you can boil soups, stews, jambalaya and much more.

The set also includes the rack to house the turkey and keep it in position for uniform oil distribution and perfect cooking every time. At the top of the rack, there is a ring that accepts the lifting hook to remove your turkey from hot oil in a more comfortable and safe way. You maintain the perfect temperature thanks to the thermometer supplied which can measure from 50 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect range to best fry the turkey.

Dealing with hot oil can be dangerous. A solid base for your pot is essential when you are frying outdoors. This kit comes with a support in black-painted steel to ensure stability and prevent the pan from tipping over. 

In addition to being stable, it is also powerful. You have 55000 BTUs at your disposal which ensure perfect maintenance of the oil temperature and shorten the heating and preparation times of the turkey.

Unlike other models on our list, this turkey fryer has no auto-shutoff timer. This particularity, even if it lowers safety in use, is highly appreciated by expert people.


– 55000 BTUs for great performance

– Not just for frying turkeys

– Accessories for convenient use

– A solid base for better safety

– Easy to use


– No assembly instruction for beginners


Before moving on to the conclusions and our preference in choosing the best turkey fryer, feel free to take a look at the most frequently asked questions found on the web.

Which Is Better Aluminum Or Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer?

We think it is not a simple one of who is better because each offers pros and cons. For example, stainless steel is easier to clean than aluminum which requires more effort to be thoroughly cleaned.

On the other hand, aluminum has the advantage of being a better heat conductor than stainless steel and this reduces the time required for heating the oil and cooking the turkey. As you can see there is no undisputed winner but we believe it is a simple reason for personal comfort and habit.

How Big Of A Turkey Do I Need To Deep Fry?

To have a guideline on the weight of the turkey to be cooked according to the number of people we advise you to follow our rule of 4. Every 4 people 5 lbs of turkey.

What Else Can You Cook In A Turkey Fryer?

As you have already noticed from our guide, a turkey fryer can be used to cook many other foods such as steamed seafood, clams, vegetables and more. Obviously everything depends on the accessories supplied with the fryer. There are people who even use it to make homemade beer.

Are Electric Turkey Fryers Any Good?

Absolutely yes, thanks to today’s technology you will find electric turkey fryers that have nothing to envy to those powered by propane. They are also on average easier to use.

How Do You Clean A Turkey Fryer?

To clean a pan for frying turkey you must first drain the oil after it has cooled down. Make the first cleaning with a paper towel. After that, you can use an anti-scratch sponge with a little dish soap and hot water and rub gently. Finally, rinse thoroughly and be sure to also clean the outside of the pot.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself having to clean an indoor turkey fryer, unplug the removable components and wash them as described above. If the parts are dishwasher safe, wash them together with the other dishes.

Our Choice

We hope our review will help you choose the turkey fryer that best suits your needs. Now you have all the information you need to find the perfect model without spending too much time searching. 

Choosing the turkey fryer to use on Thanksgiving, during the Superbowl or in the garden while spending a day with family and friends should be a fun activity.

As far as we are concerned, we think that all the turkey fryers presented on our list are of excellent quality and able to meet your expectations. That said, the winner of the title of best turkey fryer for us is the Masterbuilt Butterball Extra large Electric Fryer.

The ease of use and the versatility to prepare different types of food have fully convinced us. it is true that the power cable is rather short but the fact of not having to continually check how the cooking is going is something we would never want to give up. Another point in favor is the possibility to clean the removable components in the dishwasher.

Anyway, make your choice and … happy turkey!


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