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Coffee Thermal Carafe
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If you enjoy drinking hot coffee and feel every sip passing through your throat you need to have a coffee maker with a thermal carafe.

Hot coffee lovers don’t drink it in a hurry and are always looking for a fantastic brewing experience. Something that protects every soul of the coffee beans, its flavors, and hotness for a much longer time than usual glass carafe coffee maker. Here comes the thermal coffee maker into the play. These types of coffee makers are new compare to glass carafe but they are expanding rapidly and you will see their popularity in years to come.

The thermal coffee makers are made of an opaque, vacuum installed, stainless steel body.  On top of the carafe, there is a closed lid for slowing down the evaporation process.

Though you will not enjoy seeing through the brewing process, you will have superior brewed coffee in the end.

In this article, you will find out what are the main features of this great machine and we will help you choose the best thermal carafe coffee maker.

Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Before giving a product a final shot, check if its features onboard suit your needs. The product might come integrated with cutting-edge functions, but the thing that matters is your preference and comfort. 

Below we listed some buying considerations that can help you find the best-suited product without waste your money. Keep these features in mind when looking for the best coffee maker with thermal carafe and you will have the best chance of making the right choice.


How many people will you serve? This is the first question you should ask yourself. Do you drink coffee all day or only in the morning? This is the second one.

Either way, whether your thermal coffee carafe is for home use or for your office, you will find a good range of choices. The most popular capacities are 8, 10 and 12 cups.

If you have no idea how much you need and are on the first buy, better if you choose a 10-cups coffee machine and stay in the middle.

Coffee Brewing Time

How long can you wait for a cup of coffee? The best coffee makers to produce enjoyable cups of coffee take some time, as the grounds need a little bit of time to steep. 

Yes, the time for brewing coffee should not be that long to impact your other schedule. The latest technology has made the waiting process more manageable. Many of the machines added on the list can produce coffee within 4-6 minutes around. 

Our advice is not to choose a model that takes longer because nobody likes to wait especially in the presence of guests.

Carafe Material

The carafe is the most important section that makes or breaks your coffee. The coffee makers come in a wide range of variety made carafe: plastic, glass, and stainless steel. 

The glass made are though more popular, but experience coffee drinker loves to have a thermal or stainless steel made carafe. They are good at protecting the richness of the flavors and do not spoil the taste of the coffee. You will not feel any smell of burning or bittering, unlike other coffee makers. 

Moreover, a stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee hot for longer times. This allows you to serve your guests a further time even at different time intervals.

Easy To Use

If you are not a professional or you are not looking for a coffee maker used in a restaurant, always choose a model that makes you feel like a guru. 

Some manufacturers have crowded buttons where an ordinary person feels confused about which buttons perform which function.  

However, it is also a subjective matter. So whether you are a lover of technology or simplicity, always choose an interface with which you feel comfortable.

Programming Features

Some models of coffee makers can be programmed to switch on at a specific time, keep the coffee warm for a certain time before switching off and more.

Not all people love the morning coffee preparation routine, there are those who want to wake up with ready coffee. If you are one of these, then check that these features are present in the model you are about to buy.

Brew Strength Control

If you love to experiment with different shades of taste then this is a feature that you must not miss. Nowadays you find several models on the market with some kind of control of the strength of your coffee.

Usually, this type of control acts on the speed of the water flow. The slower the flow, the stronger the coffee because there is more time to extrapolate all the organoleptic properties of coffee beans.

This is the reason why sometimes coffee machines that use capsules and prepare coffee in no time have a weak taste.

Serving Methods

There are several types of service functions you can find in these automatic machines. 

One of the most common is the pause-and-serve. This feature allows you to drink a cup of coffee before the entire preparation cycle is finished and the carafe is completely full. Remember though that the coffee that comes out first is usually stronger than the coffee that comes out last and therefore you may need to mix them later to balance the flavor.

Another interesting feature is that of the single-serve. Basically, when you are ready you can press a button and have a perfect cup of coffee for personal use without having to give up the aroma and taste of the coffee.


There is a single rule of thumb in this regard, the longer is better. If a brand is backing its product for an extended period of time, it means the brand has faith in its product. 

The extra warranty ensures that if anything bad happens to the product, you will have brand onboard to replace that. But, the extended warranty time comes at a price and often the brands with a long warranty period charge more than normal rates. Still, looking at the warranty is a good thing and you must check your product for that. 

Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker: Top Reviews

Now you know that finding the best thermal carafe coffee maker is a less complicated task. It takes time, energy and much more, but you have the necessary knowledge to choose the model that best suits your purpose.

To further simplify your life, here are some excellent models that offer a wonderful experience in preparing coffee.

Feel free to read the various descriptions of the models that we believe are among the best on the market and do not forget to take a look at the pros and cons of each model.

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Among the first things we want to tell you is that thanks to the drip technology introduced 45 years ago by this brand, the way of preparing coffee at home has changed.

Since then, the Mr. Coffee brand has continued to innovate its technologies to meet all the needs of the most avid coffee drinkers. This is why Mr. Coffee makers are among the most chosen by consumers and will be for the years to come.

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker was created to extrapolate the maximum flavor from your favorite coffee. It is able to reach the perfect temperature with a speed 20% faster than other competitive models on the market. The long wait for coffee preparation is just a bad memory.

One of its strengths is the double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe that keeps the coffee warm without the use of a dedicated heating plate. Something your wallet will be grateful for when your energy bill arrives later this month.

Another feature you will love is that of Delay Brew that allows you to program your coffee maker and wake up in the morning with a ready-made cup of coffee. We don’t want to forget to highlight the automatic Grab-A-Cup function that lets you enjoy a cup of coffee without waiting for the end of the preparation cycle.

The use of this coffee maker is also simplified by the construction design. The tank is removable and simplifies the refilling of water and cleaning. You can wash it comfortably in the sink and put it back in the coffee maker in a second.

Mr. Coffee, with this model, also thought about the fact that not everyone has a home water filtering system. This model is in fact supplied with a water filtering disc which during the preparation of the coffee takes care of removing chlorine and impurities. The water filter helps remove up to 97% chlorine to ensure your coffee tastes perfect.

In addition to the water filtration system, the maintenance and cleaning of this model are facilitated by the presence of the special cleaning cycle. Just press a button and the coffee maker will take care of the rest.


– Fresh Brew Timer: you are able to check how fresh coffee is

– Grab-A-Cup function, no further waiting for a cup

– Removable water reservoir 

– Delay Brew, wake up with the smell of coffee

– Water filter to ensure amazing taste 

– Special self-cleaning cycle

– Easy to use


– Disk filter is not the easiest to remove

– Unit is a bit tall and not suits under all cabinets

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Bonavita is a company with the aim of creating tools that help you prepare excellent coffee every day at home. The model we are talking about is designed to offer excellent performance and ensure uniform flavor extraction. The choice to include this model among the best thermal carafe coffee makers is also justified by the award given by the Specialty Coffee Association. It is an award to machines that meet SCA’s rigorous technical standards.

With this coffee maker, Bonavita wants to simplify the life of its customers. The solution is to reduce the coffee maker to the essentials without further complications. Just the press of a simple button to get the perfect coffee at the perfect temperature.

The powerful and precise 1500 watt heater e the double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe ensures that the coffee maintains a perfect brewing temperature. In addition, the large design of the Bonavita showerhead distributes the water evenly over the coffee for optimal and uniform extraction of the flavor.

Safety has not been forgotten in the design of this model. Indeed the warming plate switches off automatically 40 minutes after the end of the preparation cycle. If you are a distracted type of person like me, this is an excellent ally to have by your side.

Bonavita has also thought about how to simplify the cleaning of the coffee maker and consequently the life of its customers. In fact, the lid of the carafe, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe. They do not require stressful hand-cleaning to remove coffee from the most uncomfortable places.


– Easy to use, one-touch brew operation

– Light indicator

– Auto shut-off

– 1500 watt heater

– Double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe

– It meets SCA’s rigorous standards

– All plastic is BPA-free


– The water tank is attached to the base, not easy to clean

– Poorly designed carafe lid

Zojirushi 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker EC-YTC100XB

Zojirushi 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker EC-YTC100XB

In 2018, the Zojirushi Corporation celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. The goal has never changed and is to improve the quality of life of customers.

The Zojirushi line has been expanded over time to include a wide range of small appliances including coffee makers. Zojirushi always faces the future with continuous innovation and inspired design and only this could be a reason that made us include this model in the list of the best thermal carafe coffee maker. But in reality, there is much more.

Making coffee is a breeze with this coffee maker. The optimal temperature is reached without any difficulty and without too much time. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe can accommodate a maximum of 10 cups and keeps the coffee warm for hours.

If you don’t have a water filter in your kitchen there is no problem as this model is equipped with a permanent stainless steel mesh filter that is reusable and washable. Concerns about the quality of the water used are something you can forget about.

The convenience of technology has not been forgotten and the user-friendly interface demonstrates this. You can program the coffee maker using a timer up to a maximum of 24 hours and get fresh coffee in the morning. In addition to this, there is a cleaning indicator that warns you when it is necessary to perform a more thorough cleaning of the machine.

Another plus point for this coffee maker is the water tank. At a glance, it may seem fixed but in reality, it is removable and facilitates filling and cleaning. The measurement lines help you with the amount of water or ice in the preparation of the coffee in order to avoid a watered-down or too diluted flavor.


– Cleaning indicator, helps you remember maintenance

– Vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe

– Removable water reservoir with measurement lines

– 24-hours programmable delay, ready coffee in the morning

– Permanent stainless steel mesh filter 

– User-friendly interface


– A little bulky

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System With Thermal Carafe

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System With Thermal Carafe

Ninja is one of the most famous brands that does not require many presentations. The brand was developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC. The company was born in 1998 and is a pioneer in small appliances and its design style adapts to people who are always busy.

The products it supplies are always highly functional and innovative and for this reason, over the years it has conquered a significant slice of the market in the household sector. This would be enough as an explanation to understand why we have included its model in our selection but by reading you will discover even more.

This model is designed for those who want to go beyond the simple use of the coffee maker. Thanks to the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, this multifunctional machine allows you to prepare cups of coffee, hot tea, and ice drinks, all guaranteed by the advanced technology of extraction of thermal flavor with Auto IQ. Only imagination is the limit to create delicious coffee-style drinks.

Like all other models, this coffee maker is also equipped with a stainless steel thermal carafe. The design is well thought out and the carafe does not even heat up and there is no need to open the lid to pour your favorite drink.

Despite its great versatility, it has some features that simplify your life and the use of this machine. One of these is the smart basket recognition which recognizes the basket type and displays the options for coffee or tea accordingly. In addition, the separate baskets of coffee and tea keep the flavors separate and you do not risk ruining your drink.

Another great feature is the choice of the amount of drink you want to dispense which varies from a single cup to a full carafe, passing through 6 different quantities. Your friends will never find you unprepared if they show up without warning. In addition to the quantity, this fantastic model offers you 5 distinct styles of infusion: classic, rich, with ice, cold or special. The choice is in your hands.

On the side of the coffee maker, there is the milk frother on a retractable arm with which you can easily whip the milk and obtain a perfect foam. The arm is easily removable for easy cleaning. If you are a lover of cappuccino you will particularly appreciate this gadget.


– More than 20 years in innovation and research

– Versatility: create coffee, tea, and delicious coffee-style drinks

– Choose your size from 6 options

– Easy to use

– Removable water reservoir for easy cleaning

– 5 distinct styles of infusion

– A fold-away hot and cold frother


– Not the perfect thermal carafe, coffee tends to cool down fairly quickly

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

Another giant of small household appliances, Black And Decker is known all over the world for the wide range of excellent products it has brought to the market over time. Since its founding in 1910, it has always had a predisposition for innovation and an orientation towards home DIY.

The model we have chosen to include in our list for the best coffee makers with thermal carafe is the CM2035B. This small electric household appliance is compact and modern in design and yet offers countless automatic features. If you are a technology lover then we suggest you take it seriously.

It doesn’t matter what state you’re in when you’re awake, the user-friendly interface with large and clearly marked buttons will help you start one of the functions of the coffee maker.

Easy-to-use digital controls let you choose the intensity of your coffee by choosing the regular, strong or bold setting. You don’t have to worry about the freshness of the coffee as the LCD display indicates how much time (max 120 minutes) has elapsed since the end of the last preparation cycle.

Speaking of the preparation cycle, you are not forced to always wait until the end of the cycle as the Sneak-a-Cup feature allows you to temporarily suspend the brew and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you are one of those who do not start the day without a cup of coffee and always forget to turn off the coffee maker after receiving the daily dose of caffeine, well this model is perfect for you.

The auto brew function allows you to program the coffee maker for the next 24 hours and automatic shutdown increases the safety of your kitchen.

Finally, the stainless steel thermal carafe is vacuum-sealed and allows the coffee to remain hot for hours. The design of the Perfect Pour spout eliminates the drops and avoids soiling the entire kitchen surface while serving coffee.


– Water-level indicator for easy use

– User-friendly interface

– Sneak-a-Cup feature

– LCD display

– Compact design, easy to store

– Dishwasher safe carafe

– Freshness indicator

– Brew strength selector


– No filter included


Before concluding with our selection, feel free to take a look at the most frequently asked questions found on the net. We have tried to answer in the best way to eliminate the last doubts you might have before deciding to invest your money on this fantastic small appliance.

Does Thermal Carafe Keep Coffee Hot?

Absolutely yes! Although stainless steel may seem like a cold material, the way it is used in making the carafe ensures that you can enjoy your hot coffee as if it were just made.

How Long Will A Thermal Carafe Keep Coffee Hot?

On average, a thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for 4 to 6 hours. Obviously the quantity of coffee inside the carafe plays a fundamental role as it takes longer to cool down a greater quantity of coffee.

How Does A Thermal Carafe Work?

In reality, it is the design that takes care of real work. In practice, a thermal carafe is made up of two stainless steel walls that only touch in some specific spots. This means that there is very little heat transfer between the walls and perfect thermal insulation that keeps the coffee hot internally.

Is Thermal Carafe Better Than Glass?

Well, this depends a lot on your habits. Usually, coffee makers with a glass carafe use a heating plate to keep the coffee warm. Instead in the thermal carafe, it is the construction material itself which, being thermal, keeps the coffee hot.

In short, a thermal carafe avoids multiple heating cycles and preserves the aroma of coffee for longer. The problem does not arise with a glass one if you consume coffee within half an hour.

Our Verdict

Whether you are a lover of simplicity in making a coffee, or you love technology and comfort, coffee makers with thermal carafes will continue to be useful for a long time.

However, we are exactly in the situation where the last will be the first. In fact, the model we believe to be the best is the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker.

The simplicity of use, the small size, and the many automatic functions have fully convinced us although no filter is provided in the package.

The choice was not easy as each of the 5 best thermal carafe coffee makers listed here can save you a lot of time and is capable of making excellent coffee.


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