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Smoker Grill Combo
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In case you don’t have much time to read it all, you can find more information about our choice for the best smoker grill combo here: Z GRILLS ZPG-7002ENC Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker.

If you are going to organize a barbecue in the backyard or in an open-air place, smoking and grilling are both pleasures that you will certainly not want to give up.

In theory, you should have a smoker and a grill for each task to be carried out and therefore invest a fair amount of money. In addition to this, it is not said that you have the necessary space to accommodate both units. That is, a solution is a smoker grill combo that gives you the best in a single shot.

Cooking burgers, chicken wings, sizzling steaks, crunchy vegetables, smoked brisket and whatever picnic food you prefer becomes a child’s play.

Many people try to build a smoker grill combo by themselves using equipment that they may have in the garage. Only after several attempts, they realize that they have wasted time and that buying a new unit is actually the simplest thing to do.

To further simplify your life, in this guide we will deal with the best combo grill smoker on the market. But first, take a look at our buying guide to choose the model that best suits your needs.

How To Choose A Smoker Grill Combo: Buyer’s Guide

Needless to say, these units are available on the market in different price ranges and usually the higher the price and the greater the functionality.

The thing we want to tell you is that choosing the most expensive grill doesn’t always guarantee you the best results.

There are many inexpensive models that offer excellent performance and that don’t cost you an eye.

The trick is knowing how to move within the many characteristics to consider and knowing which ones really make the difference. We will list below some of the considerations that we believe to be vital before investing your money in one of the models on the market.

Cooking Area Size

Let’s start with the main question: how many people are you planning to cook for? The number of people you want to cook your delicacies will always determine the model you choose. It goes without saying that in the case of a large family or a large group of friends it is better to choose a model with a larger cooking area.

We advise you to check if heating shelves are also included. These increase the cooking surface you have available and they save you a lot of time. Do not forget, however, that a larger cooking area requires greater use of fuel.

Having said that, always take the time to compare the various models that interest you in order to choose one that fits perfectly.

Construction Materials

Always pay attention to the construction material and its thickness. For example, most of the models are made of coated carbon steel, but this material tends to rust over time especially if you live in a wet and rainy area.

In this case, it is better to consider a model that has an external coating in aluminum or stainless steel that guarantees a longer life and protection against atmospheric agents.

Nobody wants a fragile model made of rusty or low-cost material that after a few uses is no longer good.

Dimensions And Weight

In addition to the construction materials, another consideration to make is that of the size and weight of your new grill-smoker combo.

You must always check the real dimensions to be sure that you have the necessary space to host it. Also, remember that the manufacturer usually recommends additional safety distances so you can cook safely and comfortably.

As for weight, consider that we are talking about units that are not really very light. If the model you have in mind weighs a lot, check if it is equipped with sturdy wheels. In this way, you will be able to easily move it, especially if you have to store it in the garage at the end of use or if a sudden rain should come during your picnic.

Fuel Source

Before using your card to purchase a grill smoker combination it is important to know which fuel source is used as each has advantages and disadvantages. The fuel sources you find most commonly around are:

  • Gas: home grills are famous for the convenience they have. The gas heats up in no time and at the end of use does not leave much dirt to clean. the main disadvantage is the flavor that will not be smoked like that of the barbecue.
  • Charcoal: unlike the previous one, charcoal is the perfect fuel for obtaining foods with a smoked flavor. Keep in mind, however, that to obtain a good ember it takes a little more time
  • Wood: using this type of fuel, the meat acquires the aromas of the wood used. You have to be careful though as not all trees are suitable for cooking your steaks. We advise you not to buy a type of resinous wood such as pine but to use for example ash, olive or oak wood.
  • Pellets: this type of fuel is perfect for lovers of natural fuel sources. Pellets are free of artificial adhesives and therefore do not risk compromising the final flavor of the food.
  • Multi-fuel combination: for those who love the versatility it is a good idea to obtain a multi-fuel combination such as the coal and gas combination.
  • Electricity: this power source is convenient and easy to use but doesn’t leave a smoky flavor that is essential for barbecue enthusiasts.

As you can see each fuel source has its own pros and cons but in the end, it is also a matter of preferences. That said, when you find yourself in front of a smoker grill combo you will know that fuel source must also be checked.

Temperature Control

In order to cook food optimally, it is essential to have maximum control over the cooking temperature. The wider the selectable temperature range, the greater the possibility of cooking different delicacies.

Consider that you will make most of the smoking around 240 – 270 °F. To cook a medium-sized turkey you will need about 400 °F and if your favorite recipe includes a steak then you will probably need an even higher temperature.

Before investing your money in a model, make sure you understand how to control smoker grills combo temperatures and that we have easy-to-read and easily visible thermometers.

Easy Cleaning

Do you know how to thoroughly clean a combo grill smoker? Because you will have to clean it after each use so as not to spoil the dishes you prepare next time. Food debris must be removed otherwise it is required to attract unwanted animals and to cook in an unhygienic way.

Take a look at the presence of removable ash pans that facilitate the discharge at the end of use. If you don’t want to waste too much time on cleaning and want an easy-to-clean model, try to choose stainless steel grates, these are very resistant even when you have to use force to clean thoroughly.

Moreover, do not forget that thorough cleaning is also synonymous with the disassembly of the pieces. Having a model that is complicated to disassemble does not simplify cleaning but only makes you lose patience.

Easy Of Use

The more controls and gadgets there are on your grill-smoker combo, the more time it will take to master it. 

It is also true that the presence of a large number of sensors and controls will guarantee a better and more enjoyable experience, but do not become a technological maniac. in this case, look for the right compromise to feel comfortable and don’t forget that cooking must be a fun moment, especially if you make daily use of the appliance.


A good warranty is a strong sign of quality and trust that a manufacturer has towards his products. Although while searching for the right warranty is not the funniest part, it is certainly very important.

In addition to the duration ( look for the longest possible ), check which defects are covered by the warranty and whether in case of replacement, the shipping costs are at your expense or not.

Best Smoker Grill Combo: Top Reviews

At this point in the article, you have a greater knowledge of a smoker grill combo. 

However, choosing the best model may take a long time, which you could devote to your family, friends or the organization of the next picnic. 

To simplify your life we have listed what we believe to be the best smoker grill combo currently on the market. 

Take a look at the individual descriptions and pros and cons we listed after completing our research. They will help you in the final choice and eliminate the last doubts you may have about it.

PK Grills Original Outdoor Charcoal Portable Grill & Smoker Combination

PK Grill is a company born in the 1950s in Tyler, Texas. The founder Hilton Meigs wanted to create something innovative, light and functional in order to cook using both heat and smoke. He really had a wonderful idea and went from place to place to sell the grills he carried on the back of his car. As the size of these units was very small, he called them Portable Kitchen Grill, which later became PK Grill.

We are talking about a perfect reproduction of that of the 50s capable of cooking grilled and smoked meats, poultry, vegetables and much more. A perfect style for vintage lovers and for people who love the use and the taste that charcoal can provide.

Despite being heavy and robust, it uses two semi-pneumatic wheels that allow you to transport it without any problem from one part to another in your garden.

The construction material is mostly aluminum. Famous material for maximum heat radiation and the ability to cook evenly. To the benefits of aluminum are added 4 adjustable vents and dampers that allow excellent temperature control. Do not worry anymore about having uncooked or burnt foods as the ideal cooking level is in your hands.

The lateral and lower aluminum trays increase the space you have available and allow you to cook in comfort. Utensils and condiments will always be at hand without any effort.

The grill is easy to assemble and the cooking section detaches from the trolley so that the whole unit can be easily dismantled. For your next camping or picnic, all you have to do is take it from the garage and take it wherever you want.

Given the simplicity of construction, you may wonder if we are actually talking about a functioning and performing model. Well, we can only tell you that this 50’s jewel has won many awards like the Consumers Digest Best Buy 2017 and the AmazingRibs Pitmaster Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.


– Durable Aluminum Construction

– Rust Proof and durable

– Maintains Exact Temperature

– 4 Vents for perfect cooking control

– Useful trays that increase the workspace

– Easy to transport thanks to the semi-pneumatic wheels


– Cleaning out the ashes it’s not immediate

– No temperature gauge included 

Char-Broil Smoker Roaster And Grill + Cover

Since 1948 Char-Broil has been one of the Americans’ favorite grill brands. However, despite the great experience accumulated over the years, it seems that the company is always a beginner. This is because the thought that unites all employees of Char-Broil is to continue to innovate and improve all their products.

The 1200 square-inch smoking and roasting basket can accommodate large cuts of meat, such as a 21-pound turkey to satisfy the palates of your friends or family. Big Easy Smoker Roaster And Grill is designed for smoking, roasting, and grilling. All within a single unit.

Thanks to its TRU infrared cooking system, you get perfect meat cooking: crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

The strong point of this model is the smoker box mounted on the side of the body and accessible from the outside. Adding wood chips to provide your recipes with a smoky aftertaste is a breeze. You will not have to open the lid during use and your safety will also benefit.

The use is simple and immediate. Just connect it to a standard liquid propane tank, turn the relative knob to ON and turn the other knob to start the unit.

Transporting and cleaning it doesn’t take much effort. There are two side handles that allow you to move the unit within your picnic area or garden. Cleaning is facilitated by a removable tray that collects the grease and facilitates cleaning operations.


– 1200 square-inch basket. Multiple servings at a time

– TRU infrared cooking system for uniform cooking

– Removable tray for easy cleaning

– Quality construction and value

– Lateral smoker box

– Easy To Use


– It takes some time for assembly

– The upper basket is not very large for grilling

Z GRILLS ZPG-7002ENC Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

Z GRILLS is a U.S. based brand that has been producing high-quality grills and smokers for over 30 years. With the growth of the company and the opening of several offices, it exports its flagship products to Europe and all the United States.

The company’s goal is to make its products at a more accessible price without sacrificing innovation and performance.

The model we are talking about is one of the most versatile on the market. The temperature and pellet feed control offers unquestionable precision. 

The digital control card automatically turns on the grill and gives you maximum control over the temperature: you can easily take advantage of the range from 180 °F to 450 °F.

Despite this, consumption is very limited and thanks to the Z Grills pellet technology you can cook for about 20 hours using 20 lbs of pellets.

The technology that characterizes this model may alarm you but there is no need to be. This model is super easy to use and also suitable for beginners. The ignition is electronic with an automatic start. The temperature control is automatic and you can follow the value thanks to the presence of a digital display. In a nutshell, you just have to press a button and you’re done.

The construction material chosen is stainless steel. The resistance to corrosion and rust are assured and the elegant and glossy finish makes this model gratifying to the eye. Despite the strength and its weight due to the construction material, transporting it does not involve efforts as there are locking caster wheels.

Confirming the safety and quality of this product, the manufacturer offers a 3 years warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee.


– The automated electric feed system

– Digital display for a better control

– Wheels for easy movements

– Efficiency: 20 hours per 20 lbs. of pellets

– Stainless steel for better resistance to corrosion

– Easy to use

– 3 years warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee


– Assembly is not immediate

Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill And Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet is an American barbecue expert based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been attracting attention for over 10 years for its products, competitive prices and premium services. Their series range from domestic to camping but have in common innovative research and the best quality control. In a few words, they want to allow everyone to enjoy life and share happiness.

The name of this model is “Royal Gourmet” and comes from the idea of the founder who wanted to guarantee premium quality to those who acquired this smoked grill. This alone could be enough to seriously consider buying this model, but in reality, there is much more.

It is designed entirely to prepare delicious meals quickly and comfortably. All without any complications thanks to 2 adjustable dampers for regulating the temperature and the cooking grates in porcelain enamel that resist even the highest temperatures. 

In addition, the cooking chamber is designed with an adjustable charcoal pan to allow you greater control over food cooking.

We are talking about a smoker grill with a versatile compact design that easily adapts to most balconies, decks, and patios. Even moving from one place to another or simply storing it is simplified by the wheels designed to facilitate you.

We know very well that the space to cook comfortably is one of the most important things when preparing a barbecue. Not even the builder forgot this and added a front rack, one side rack and one bottom rack for very convenient storage. In addition, the hooks where to hang the accessories are very useful and avoid going up and down in search of the utensils you need.


– Porcelain-Coated cooking grates for evenly heating

– 2 adjustable dampers for better temperature control

– Temperature gauge 

– Big Storage with 3 racks

– Hooks where to hang utensils

– Compact design

– Ashes pan for easy cleaning

– Great Cooking Surface


– Smoker needs seal improvements

Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Wood Pellet Grill

Camp Chef is a company born in the early ‘90s and is located in the heart of Cache Valley, Utah. A perfect place to test its products thanks to the presence of the beautiful Bear River Mountain Range and the vast green areas. Camp Chef produces high-quality products with the aim of allowing anyone to cook outdoors. Whether it’s an important outdoor occasion or a campsite with friends and relatives.

This model encompasses all the features that count in a single unit. The slide and grill function allows you to switch from indirect to direct flame mode in an easy and intuitive way. All of this by using convection cooking to distribute heat evenly and with which your favorite meats will never be the same.

Intelligent digital temperature control and automatic auger automatically feed the unit by adding pellets to the grill when needed. In this way, the heat is perfectly maintained and you can produce the optimal amount of smoke. Using it is extremely simple, just adjust the settings via the digital interface and let it work, forget to babysit the fire.

Camp chef has not overlooked the importance of comfort when preparing your delicacies. The lower cooking surface and the additional 2nd level adjustable cooking surface allow you to use 811 inches of total cooking surfaces avoiding cooking the same dish several times to satisfy all guests.

At the end of use, cleaning the smoker grill takes very little time. The design of the unit allows you to clean ash residues in a very simple way. Another feature that sets it apart from many other models is the simplification of cleaning the hopper in case you want to change pellets and add new flavor to your dish. Just pull a simple lever and you’re done. Forget the use of vacuum cleaners and various things and use the time to enjoy the barbecue.


– Direct or indirect flame mode for greater versatility

– Convection cooking

– Hopper and Ash cleanout system

– Shelves fit in the dishwasher

– Easy to use: intelligent digital temperature control

– Great cooking surface

– 2 piece top shelf fits in the dishwasher


– Slightly heavier than the other models

The Winner

Whether you have to organize for camping or an evening in the garden with friends, for us the best model with more versatility and performance is Z GRILLS ZPG-7002ENC Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker.

Its versatility, efficiency in the use of fuel and the digital interface from which to control it have fully convinced us. Its combination of affordability and features makes it our favorite.

Anyway, choosing the best smoker grill combo from our list will save you a lot of time browsing online to try to understand what the market offers and what to consider.

Better to use this time to organize your next barbecue and enjoy your delicacies with your best friends and relatives.


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