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As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people believe that the quality of their first meal has an influence on how the rest of the day will unfold.

Although there are different currents of thought on what may be the best type of breakfast, one of the common ingredients is toast.

With the best 4 slice toaster, you can prepare the classic toasts with ham and cheese, some tasty appetizers and moreover, it can be used to heat pizzas, croissants and more.

Whether you need to replace an old one you’ve had for years, or buy one for the first time, in this guide we will look at some of the features to keep in mind before choosing one and later we will examine our top picks.

How A Toaster Works

The toaster usually has a plastic or metal protection on the outside, while inside it always consists of a metal area with cavities inside which the slices of bread to be toasted are inserted.

After inserting the slices in the appropriate slots, set the desired temperature or the time to obtain the preferred toasting level.

At this point, the lever is lowered to start the appliance. The electric current begins to flow through a series of internal resistances that become incandescent. These produce the heat necessary to toast the bread.

Finally, when the lever snaps up again, it means that cooking is over. Some models emit a “beep” sound signal to warn the user that the process is over.

The following video shows how a classic toaster is made and works.

Practical Advice

Use a napkin or oven mitt to transfer the toasted bread to your plate because just removed it is quite hot.

Use the toaster in a safe manner trying not to burn the bread and then activate the smoke detectors!

Use wooden tongs or one of those resistant to high temperatures to extract the food from the toaster.

Clean the toaster periodically by trying to turn it upside down and stir to drop all the bread crumbs that have remained on the bottom.

Don’t just eat toast! Add jam, honey, butter and so on… you can enrich the snack with the one you like the most.

What To Avoid

Never insert metal objects or body parts into a toaster connected to the electrical system.

Never use a metal object to remove something from the appliance. 

Be very careful when connecting the toaster to electricity and stay away from the water.

How To Choose The Right 4 Slice Toaster

Toasters are available in a wide variety of designs, dimensions, and prices can vary widely. Its use is very simple but choosing among a large number of available models on the market can be a little bit hard. 

Here are the main factors to consider when buying a toaster.


There are two main types of toasters you’ll come across in your search. The Pop-Up toaster and the countertop toaster.

Pop-up toasters come in 2-slice and 4-slice varieties and are specifically designed for toasting. most of them work with bread that comes in standard sizes, while others offer wider slots that accommodating bagels or Texas toast.

Countertop toasters can be used for a number of other types of cooking. 

Some people buy them as a replacement for a standard oven because they provide a different way to make pizza, bake cookies and so on. 


Power is an important feature to consider, if you are looking for a professional toaster you will need a higher power. Models that consume more power allow you to brown the bread correctly and evenly, and of course, they allow you to toast more slices of bread in less time.

Design And Dimensions

When choosing the ideal size for your toaster, three aspects must be taken into consideration:

  • Number of slices to toast simultaneously
  • The size of the slots for the slices
  • How much space is available in the kitchen

As far as design is concerned, on the market, there are models that seem to come from the future and others that are totally vintage.


Another important aspect of choosing the best toaster is to understand what use you will make of it. 

If you want to use it only to toast slices of standard size bread, any model can be suitable. If you want to toast even very large slices of bread, waffles or anything else, look for a model that has enough space.

Moreover, if your aim is to get a slice of bread that has differently toasted sides, then look for a model with this option available.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

The vast majority of toasters are very simple to use once you find out which settings you prefer for your toasts.

Make sure you buy one with the settings you want.

Cleaning the toaster is a bit more complicated. The models equipped with crumb collection trays are a bit easier to clean, so keep this feature in mind.


A good toaster can last for several years. To get an idea about the duration of the model you are considering, do some research on the brand’s reputation. 

Often a higher price is associated with a longer duration, but this is not always the case. So the best tool available to you is to read the experience of other customers.

Settings And Functions

For most consumers, the basic settings are more than enough. Other people, on the other hand, use the toaster to thaw toast or waffles previously prepared. For them, a defrost button will come in handy.

Check if in the model is present the timer function and if there is a temperature indicator. In addition, some toaster models may have a cable reel, extra pliers, automatic shut-off and at the end of cooking can expel the slices of bread.

Another feature much appreciated by consumers is the Self-Adjusting Guide. This system ensures that the slice of bread inserted in the slot is positioned centrally and heated evenly.

The Best 4 Slice Toaster: Top Reviews

We have examined many toasters from the best brands and have compiled a list of those that we consider to be the best in terms of budget and roasting requirements.

We have highlighted the pros and cons of each model to help you choose the toaster that best suits your needs.

Cuisinart CPT-180 Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster

The Cuisinart CPT 180 brings a retro classic design to your home and delivers performance with powerful features such as reheat, bagel and defrost functions. With its blending of stainless steel and black painted steel, it rekindles the flame of vintage lovers.

Dual control panels transform this toaster into a double appliance into a single body. The control interface is simple and immediate and the central browning dial lets you prepare the toasts at the cooking level that your family prefers. You have 6 levels to choose from. With 1 and 2 you get a light shade of toast, with levels 3 and 4 you get an average shade and finally with 5 and 6 you satisfy the palate of people who love crunchiness.

In addition to this, there are 4 buttons for quick settings with which you can cancel the wrong start of a function, defrost a slice of bread, heat a previously prepared toast or use the bagel button for upper half toasting only.

Cuisinart has also thought about how not to limit the space for your imagination. In fact, the 1.5″ toaster slots allow for a wide variety of items such as:

  • Sliced Bread
  • French Toast 
  • Bagels
  • Toaster Pastries
  • Frozen Pancakes

Like many toasters, this model at the end of the preparation pushes the slices of bread upwards for easy removal. However, sometimes due to the size of the slices of bread, they can get stuck inside the toaster slots. Cuisinart has inserted a “Hi Lift” lever that lets you push the bread further without using your fingers and risk burning yourself.

At the end of use, you do not need to stress yourself to clean the remaining bread crumbs but it is the removable tray that takes care of collecting them. Furthermore, speaking of order and cleanliness, the presence of a cord wrap underneath the unit allows you to save space and avoid the mess on your kitchen countertop.


– Instruction book included

– Dual control panel for double performance

– Compact Design for space optimization

– Cord wrap, no mess on you kitchen countertop

– Crumb tray for easy cleaning

– High Lift Lever for safer operation

– 3 Year Limited Warranty


– A little bit tricky to find the right settings

BLACK+DECKER T4030 4-Slice Toaster

The Black+Decker 4-Slice Toaster features extra-wide slots to fit thick bagels and all types of bread. The design is compact and is a mix of classic and modern with the color of stainless steel that dominates your kitchen countertop.

The interface is very user-friendly and the indicator lights help you during toast preparation. Choose the Bagel function to get perfect results on thick bread or the Frozen function to efficiently defrost and toast. The third button allows you to cancel an operation at any time. In addition to this, the knob on the front lets you choose between 6 Toasting Shades.

It comes with dual independent controls so you can choose different shades for each side of the toaster. There are two small removable trays that simplify cleaning operations depending on the side used.

This model is equipped with a cord wrap at the bottom for easy storage. you can simply forget about the mess that comes easily when there are a lot of cables around.


– Extra-Wide Slots

– Extra Lift

– Self-Centering Guides for even toasting

– 2 Removable trails

– 6 Toasting Shades

– One-touch functions and led indicators


– Quite slow to toast

Dualit 40415 Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice Toaster

The Dualit 4-slot toaster is the next entry in our list for the best 4 slice toaster. It is perfect for the whole family and offers some great functions although the control interface is very simple.

It is characterized by an insulated stainless steel body and the lifting mechanism allows the easy removal of small objects. This toaster is entirely handmade and an aesthetic peculiarity that distinguishes it from most other models is that in the base plate you can read the name of the operator who built it.

The simplicity of the interface must not make you think that you are in front of a non-technological machine, just think that it is possible to select which and how many slots to heat. So if you are looking for a versatile toaster this is the right choice for you.

Another peculiarity is the award-winning ProHeat element, a patented design that increases the efficiency of the roasting and the longevity of the element. Not having to worry about the constant replacement of the heating elements and being able to save money are the characteristics that distinguish it from the crowd.

Finally, if you are not a lover of metalized gray or this is not suitable for your kitchen, you must not create any problems. This model allows you to choose from a myriad of different colors in order to satisfy any type of furniture.


– Slot selection offers great versatility

– Removable crumb trail

– Easy to use

– Minimal panel controls

– Great user manual included

– Solid construction

– Unique patented ProHeat elements

– Many colors to choose from


– No single side toast function

– No one-touch functions

CUSIBOX Extra Wide Slots 4 Slice Toaster

CUSIOBOX is a company with rich experience in the field of small kitchen appliances and has always paid the utmost attention to the construction of its products without ever giving up on innovation.

The Cusibox 4-slice model reflects the thinking of the company and comes with two independent control panels that allow you to toast different tastes you love. Its design is the perfect match for your stylish kitchen. 

The slots are wide enough ( 1.5” ) with self-centering guides, perfect for thick and thin slices and using them is a breeze. Forget about to cut the edge of the toast off to put it in there.

There are 6 Browning settings with 1650W of maximum power, able to satisfy all your needs. In addition, just press a button to activate the bagel or defrost function.

Besides being simple to use it is also easy to clean. There are 2 trays easily removable from the bottom for quick and easy cleaning and the power cord can be stored in the base of the toaster and does not take up much space.


– Colorful Stainless Steel Housing

– Bagel, Defrost, and Cancel Option

– Dual Control Panel

– 6 Browning Settings

– 1.5” Extra Wide Slots

– High Lift Lever

– 2 Removable Crumb Trays


– The shell of the toaster gets a little bit hot

Hamilton Beach 24633 4 Slice Toaster

With Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Toaster, toasting bread is only the beginning of what you can do. The extra-wide slots make it perfect for bagels, English muffins and hand-cut slices of bread. It is simple to use with a toast boost feature that gives the bread a high lift when it is ready. 

This model comes with an automatic shutoff that will turn the toaster off at the end of its cycle. A great feature that improves safety in use and allows you to save on your electricity bill if you sometimes forget to turn off small appliances. For this reason alone it deserves a place in our selection of the best 4-slice toaster, but in reality, there is more. 

The design is great and with brushed stainless steel accents and illuminated buttons, it will look great on your kitchen. In addition, the manufacturer has well thought out how to solve the overheating problem of the toaster walls. In fact, this model is built in order to isolate the heat inside the body and lets you touch the sides without risking burning yourself.

As for the type of bread you can use, you won’t have many restrictions. The slots are wide so you can fit slices of Texas toast or artisan bread into the toaster without the worry of smooshing.

It does not need complicated cleaning operations thanks to the presence of a removable tray that collects the bread crumbs.


– Cool-touch exterior

– Toast boost lifts slices higher

– Bagel, defrost and cancel buttons

– Removable crumb tray for easy clean

– Shade selector with 6 levels

– Auto shutoff function for safety and money-saving


– Not the best for non-square (standard) shaped

Our Choice

There are several models available in the market, so finding the best 4 slice toaster model in terms of space, performance, and power may seem quite complicated.

We find BLACK+DECKER T4030  4-Slice Toaster the right compromise between design and performance. The style of this model is unique, really pleasing and gives your kitchen a touch of taste. Moreover toasts large bagels perfectly.

Probably not the best choice to make in case you’re trying to conserve counter space but apart from that, quality, functionality, and robustness are excellent.


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