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Do you need a useful and immediate solution? Here is the model we have chosen as the winner: Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine. 

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine is an ally not to be missed for those who love the true taste of the coffee.

These coffee machines are accessible to everyone nowadays and are indispensable for those who do not want to reach the nearest bar in the morning.

Instead of using pre-ground coffee beans, the strength of these coffee makers lies in grinding a new batch of coffee on the spot. This makes the difference in maintaining taste and freshness.

In fact, over time, ground coffee beans begin to lose their aroma, oils, and flavor. The longer the time, the more the organoleptic properties decrease.

Finding the best bean to cup coffee machine means taking into consideration several factors that not everyone knows about. To simplify your life we have collected the best models on the market and before reading our list we advise you to take a look at our buying guide.

This will help you invest your money in the best way and avoid wasting money on buying a low-quality coffee machine.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Buyer’s Guide

Coffee is a drink loved everywhere and consequently, there are several models and manufacturers on the market that come from all over the world.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive model with your eyes closed since the highest price does not always correspond to the highest quality.

To avoid bad jokes you must know how to move among the many features and know which ones really make the difference. Below you will find the features that we consider essential to make the choice that best meets your needs.

Ease Of Use

Try to choose an easy-to-use model since not everyone has the technical skills to manage this type of complicated appliance. 

The purpose of any bean-to-cup coffee machine is to provide maximum quality with minimum effort. There are models in which you only need to press a single button and other models that require greater use of your hands.

Consider carefully the will you have in learning how the model you are about to buy works.

Ease Of Cleaning

After preparing several perfect coffees, it is always time to have to clean and carry out the basic maintenance of the machine. There is no doubt that proper cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of the bean to cup machine.

Cleaning of this type of machine is usually difficult and time-consuming. It is essential to consider a model consisting of a few removable parts that allow you to clean dirt easily and in less time. Also, note if the model you would like to buy is equipped with an automatic cleaning function. Most new bean-to-cup coffee machines have this feature and make maintenance a breeze. The automatic cleaning function can save you a lot of effort in keeping the coffeemaker hygienic.

Built-in Or Separate Grinder

Coffee grinder

Some bean to cup machines come with an integrated coffee grinder and others instead require a separate one. To simplify preparation and speed up the time in case of guests, it is better to look for a model with an integrated coffee grinder. 

This will save you the double work of having to grind the coffee first and then transfer it to your machine and then prepare the coffee.

Moreover, the units with the built-in grinder have a small footprint, require only one power connection and are overall cheaper than separate units. With these kinds of coffee makers, you can usually choose whether to use only the grinder or the brewing system.

With a separate grinder, you can add more coffee beans than necessary. In this way, you improve the consistency of the grind and after grinding you can store the coffee powder in the way you prefer.

Milk Frother

If you are a lover of cappuccino or latte macchiato, then it is appropriate to choose a machine with a milk steamer.

The first bean-to-cup coffee machine models were not designed with the milk frother. However, nowadays, almost all the models you find on the market have one. Basically, there are two types of milk frother, the automatic and the manual ones.

The manual one is better suited to people who have a certain practice with the bean to cup coffee machines and know how to use the hot steam jet without problems.

For a beginner, or for those who love to prepare a perfect foam without too much stress, it is better to move towards a model with automatic milk frother. In this case, in fact, obtaining the preferred foam texture is at the distance of a button.

Based on your experience, choose the model you are comfortable with.

Settings And Features

Coffee is a very subjective type of drink and each of us has its own taste and way of preparing it. An important feature of a bean to cup coffee machine is that it gives you control over the flavor you prefer. 

In addition to being able to use any type of ground coffee, some models have an excellent variety of settings. There are also manufacturers who have not forgotten about comfort and have designed their coffee makers in such a way as to save your favorite settings. 

Once you have found the perfect combination, simply recall the saved setting and your favorite coffee will be dispensed. Obviously, each machine has its own customizable settings that distinguish it from the others. 

There are also settings that are present in almost all models, like selecting the grinding intensity, the dispensing temperature and the strength of the coffee.

A very helpful function is the automatic shutdown. There are models that after a certain time from the end of the cycle turn off on their own and allow you to eliminate worries and save some money on the electricity bill.

Design And Size

The shapes and dimensions of the model you want to buy play another very important role. On the market, you can easily find bean to cup coffee machines with futuristic and captivating shapes, while other models have a much more classic line. 

In addition to the design and colors, remember to also check the size of the coffee maker model you have in mind. Consider where you will place your machine and the space you have available in the kitchen or in the place where you want to put it. Take a look at the coffee maker datasheet and above all at its depth as some models sometimes take up much more space than you imagined.

Either way, always keep the rest of the furniture in mind and try to choose a model that is not a punch in the eye in terms of colors and shapes.

Multi Cup Brewing And Speed

The ability to prepare different cups of coffee at the same time can be a real advantage for a coffee machine. Imagine being at home and receiving a group of friends suddenly, well not having to keep them waiting forever for a coffee will make you be more appreciated and give your hospitality a plus point. Also, let’s be clear, nobody wants to spend too much time making coffee.

In addition to the contemporaneity in the preparation of coffee, it is good practice to also check the brewing speed of your coffee maker.

Some models of cup coffee machines require less than a minute to prepare a coffee while others take longer. 

Take a look at the preparation times because if they are too long it might be the case to prefer a single but fast dispensing machine, to a multiple but very slow dispensing machine.


Don’t forget to check what type of warranty is provided by the manufacturer regarding the condition of his coffee maker. In addition to the duration, which is certainly important, take a look at the terms in which repairs or replacements will be made in the event of malfunctions. It is also important to know what append in case of a breakdown and check if the shipping costs are to be paid by the user or by the supplier. 

The guarantee is a long-term aspect that you must always keep in mind and sometimes the details that make it up are overlooked and people get unpleasant surprises.

Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine: Top Reviews

Now that you have warmed up the engines and you know what are the characteristics that distinguish an excellent coffee maker from a mediocre one, we leave you with our list of the 5 best models that you can currently find. 

For each of them, we have analyzed the pros and cons and inserted a brief description that you will find really useful. At the end, you will find our favorite bean to cup coffee machine.

De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine with Sensor Grinder

De'Longhi La Specialista Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

De’Longhi is recognized as one of the world leaders in the coffee machine, comfort, and in some categories of kitchen and household products market. The mission behind the company is to offer consumers innovative products with a unique combination of style and performance. With La Specialista, the brand has responded to the trust of its customers in the world.

This model was created for the passionate espresso and coffee drinker, the professional design allows you to prepare an espresso exactly the way you like it. The whole process was designed to simplify your life especially if you are a beginner.

The sensor grinding technology manages the grinding in a precise way and provides the optimal dose for espresso every time you prepare one.

The Smart Tamping Station allows you to replicate the right pressure on coffee powder for flawless results.

The Specialista is equipped with two heating systems that guarantee temperature stability. One heating system is dedicated to the perfect extraction of the coffee flavor, while the other for the management of the steam in order to obtain a perfect foam on your cappuccino. Finally, if you want to prepare an authentic American you can use the separate spout for hot water.

Despite the high level of technology and design, the use of the machine is very simple and the interface for controlling is very intuitive. The preparation times are also short and the possibility of preparing two cups of coffee at the same time is one more point in favor of this model.

You will know very well that every machine at the end of use or occasionally needs careful cleaning and maintenance. La Specialista does not create any headaches in terms of cleaning because it is self-cleaning. In fact, it has a system of active rinsing of its group head that takes care of the cleaning.


– Integrated grinder with sensor grinding technology 

– Smart tamping station 

– Easy to use

– 1-second quick start and ready to use

– Active control for the best temperature stability

– Advanced latte system for perfect froth

– Self-cleaning system


– The water tank is not very large

– Not possible to remove the bean hopper without spilling out all the beans

EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker

EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One Espresso Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

EspressoWorks is a company that aims to provide its customers with everything needed to prepare any type of brew, including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and American.

This model was developed by coffee and espresso enthusiasts with the idea of simplifying the preparation process.

A unique feature of this machine is the advanced Thermoblock heating system which guarantees you precise temperature and instant steam. Preparing a cappuccino or an espresso does not require long waiting times before the machine is heated and ready for use. It needs only 45 seconds to start brewing.

The water tank is removable and easy to access to be refilled when necessary. It is located on the side of the machine, it is transparent and the water level measurement marks help to better manage the coffee maker. The tank handle is comfortable and offers good stability for easy removal or cleaning.

The use of the machine is also very simple and in fact, the control interface is minimal. It consists of an on/off button, a central selector to start the function to be used and two LEDs that indicate whether the machine is powered and when it is ready for use. Furthermore, at the end of the cycle, after 25 minutes of non-use, the automatic switch-off function avoids unnecessary waste of electricity and the worries of having turned off the machine which usually causes anxiety during the day.

The design used in the construction is very attractive and the stainless steel finishes make it suitable for most modern and traditional kitchen designs. The physical dimensions are compact and the machine sits comfortably on any countertop

Espressworks All-In-One machine includes all the accessories you need to show off your barista skills. In the package, you will find a portafilter, a stainless steel frothing cup, a measuring spoon, and a tamper. Obviously the company has not forgotten one of the main elements of this type of machine, namely the grinder. The plug-in electric grinder is easy to use and has perfect power. The stainless steel blades are resistant, easy to clean and pulverize the beans of your preferred coffee without any problem.


– Thermoblock heating system avoid heating time

– Auto shut-off function: no worries and no electricity waste

– Transparent easy to fill and clean water tank

– Easy to use with a simple user interface

– LED lights for help during use

– Modern and compact design

– Easy to use plug-in Electric Grinder


– The regular mug does not fit easily under the machine

– Not possible to steam milk and make espresso due to the shared selector 

Breville The Barista Express Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Breville The Barista Express Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Breville is an Australian company founded in Sydney in 1932. Over time it has become a brand of kitchen appliances offering innovation based on consumer opinions. The idea of the company is to unlock the potential of people in their kitchens.

With the model the Barista Express, the company has kept its word. This model allows you to grind the beans immediately before use to ensure the perfect freshness of the coffee. Its interchangeable filters and the choice between automatic or manual operation ensure you excellent results in no time.

Only high-quality materials were used to make this machine. The resulting machine is very robust and stable in use. The non-slip feet prevent the machine from slipping on the counter of your kitchen especially when you use the grinder. The design features an elegant stainless steel casing which makes the machine an attractive addition to any kitchen.

The difference between a good coffee and a bad coffee can also be the simple difference of a degree of temperature. For this reason, the Barista Express uses digital temperature control technology (PID) which controls its oscillations during extraction. Maintaining optimal temperature results in an optimal aroma and taste of the coffee.

Another peculiarity of this machine is the automatic steam wand that transforms your milk into a micro-foam essential for a perfect milk art.

After analyzing some of the various automatic and unique features of this machine, let’s move on to the analysis of the user interface. The machine has a fairly elaborate user interface and the optimal use of the settings requires slight patience in learning times.


– The choice between automatic or manual operation

– High-quality construction materials

– Non-slip feet for greater stability

– Nice stainless steel design

– Digital temperature control technology (PID) for perfect results

– Micro-foam milk texturing thanks to the automatic steam wand

– Italian-manufactured 15 bar pump for a full-flavored espresso


– To make the best use it takes a little learning time 

De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

This model is capable of preparing espresso, cappuccino, coffee, Americano, milk-based drinks and much more. It is a super-automatic machine equipped with an exclusive system for preparing coffee beans which are ground immediately before preparing your coffee in order to ensure a perfect aroma. There is a second chamber where you can insert the pre-groud coffee of your choice: regular, decaf or specialty.

The technology behind the design lets you create your ideal coffee and you can store your preferences inside the machine. This means that your coffee will always be the same and once you have found the perfect setting, you just have to recall it and enjoy the coffee.

These potentialities must not frighten, in fact, the Magnifica remains an automatic bean to cup machine that is simple to use. You simply have to adjust the settings for the temperature, coffee strength and cup size you use via the easy and intuitive user interface. The machine will take care of the rest.

As regards cleaning, the design and construction of the magnificent make it easy to clean and maintain. The compact brewing unit is removable and in addition to making cleaning simple, it self-adjusts for one or two shots of espresso coffee.

De’Longhi Magnifica requires half the maintenance time of many competitors and does not need to be cleaned with any chemical agent. In fact, the machine does not dispense coffee directly and the possible mechanical blockages of the funnel and pipes are not a problem.

A point in favor that made us put it among the best bean to cup coffee machine is the patented cappuccino system. This rotates 180 degrees to allow you to use milk containers of any size and the height of the coffee tap can be adjusted to cause clastic, espresso or tall cups. The unit is equipped with an exclusive cup holder that keeps the cups warm as in real bars. There is also the automatic switch-off function that deactivates the machine after 3 hours eliminating worries and unnecessary waste of electricity.


– Super-automatic machine for different types of coffee and drinks

– Compatible with coffee beans or pre-ground coffee

– Lets you create your ideal coffee and memorize settings

– Intuitive user interface

– Easy to clean and maintain

– Compact design 

– Patented cappuccino system to use milk containers of any size

– Cups warmer like in a real bar

– Automatic shut-off


– Not possible to see when beans are running low

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This all-Italian company has origins linked to the splendid city of Milan. It was the genius of Achille Gaggia and the search for the perfect espresso that gave birth to one of the most representative brands in Italy. This vision led to the creation of the Lampo device and the characteristic cream that has since become the hallmark of quality espresso.

The model we have included among our choices is La Gaggia Brera. A super-automatic coffee machine capable of producing anything from espresso to cappuccino. This model features an elegant front panel in brushed stainless steel and a compact design that maximizes the space in the kitchen and the ease of use of the entire machine.

The control panel is user-friendly and allows you to activate the various commands via simple buttons. The LED display in the central part shows illuminated icons making the experience easy and intuitive. But the simplicity of the control interface does not limit your possibilities at all. In fact, you can create a list of coffee drinks, both basic and custom.

The design in the construction offers maximum comfort even for maintenance and cleaning operations. The dregs drawer, drip tray, and water tank are all accessible from the front of the machine for immediate operations.

This automatic bean to cup coffee machine is based on rapid steam technology and is able to reach the perfect temperature for steam in less than ten seconds making the dispensing operations robust and effective. Moreover, to prepare your drink you can use whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Being able to choose what type of coffee to use is a feature much appreciated by coffee lovers.


– Super-automatic coffee machine

– Elegant front panel in brushed stainless steel

– Compact design that takes up little space

– Easy to use control panel

– Led display

– Easy to clean and maintain: parts accessible from the front

– You can use whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee


– The water tank is a little small

– Can’t adjust coffee temperature

Our Pick

We hope our buying guide and full reviews on the best bean to cup coffee machine have helped you better understand the functioning of these machines and have led you to the choice of the model that best suits your needs.

In any case, among the various models analyzed, we can safely say that the model that impressed us most is Breville The Barista Express Bean To Cup Coffe Machine. 

We know that it is not the most comfortable choice because it requires some learning time to be used at its best. But its performance, the construction materials, and the research we have done leads us to elect this model as the winner. It is certainly a machine that takes up some space in the kitchen or office, depending on your preferences, but the fact of remembering a real bar convinced us that the space used would be best exploited by this high-performance coffee machine.


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